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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gone Fishing

I could have hung that sign on the back door yesterday!  Mike came home after putting in a half-day at work (Yes, I know it was Saturday but he often works all day on Saturday, too.  I think he believes the place would fold up if he wasn't there every single day!) and he buzzed me when he came in the driveway and told me he was thinking he might just 'load up and go fishing for a while.'  Me, being the wonderful wife I am about him having time to do something he loves (Really, I just know that after he has been fishing or hunting, he is generally relaxed and in a good mood and enjoyable for several days.), I encouraged him to go ahead and wet his line.  Then, the unexpected came.  He asked me if I wanted to go with him!  I was so flabbergasted!!!  I had about nine different projects planned to complete and knew I needed to start getting ready for Laura and Cassie's birthday party and cleaning house and several other things to boot.  But, you know, I've never been asked to tag along on his fishing outings.  So, I said, "SURE!"
I took about 15 minutes to put some shorts and a T-shirt on and gathered up a book, a jug of tea, a small cooler of ice, and at the last minute I stuck my laptop into my bag.  Mike pulled his truck loaded with bucket, fish basket, tackle box, poles, and a big cooler for all the fish he anticipated down to the basement and I loaded a lawn chair, my little cooler, and my supply bag into the truck and off we trekked.
What a FABULOUS afternoon we had!
First of all, the day was made to order.  How often do you get clear, sunny days with temperatures in the eighties in mid October?  There was a nice breeze every now and again to puff the mosquitoes away.  As my grandmother used to say, it was fine as frog-hair.  Then, the views from Mike's fishing hole are simply spectacular (even if the lake was a little bit green for Mike's likings).  Here is what it looked like from where he was sitting:
See the geese on the hillside?  Glad they stayed over there!
Here is a bit broader shot.  Isn't that just beautiful?

I think he had just made his nest and cast his line into the lake.

See the pier in the background there?  That was my perch for the afternoon.  I was sad that I hadn't brought my camera but I used my new phone and made out fairly well.

Setting the hook.

He got a bite right away.  In fact, he had caught three fish before I even made it out to my perch and threw the first two back because they were too small.  I think he kept this one he was reeling in.

Yep, here he is reaching for the flipping little fellow.  Wish I had gotten the fish in the shot!

I first sort of wandered round just enjoying the views.  Then, I made it down to the pier and here is how that looked:

Doesn't it look like something out of a poem?

I played around with my phone camera a little and captured this leaf framed by the shadow of the rails.

Kind of cool isn't it?  I like it framed up by the shadows and based with the rough boards of the pier.

There was a weathered rope and brass snap lying on the floor of the pier and it turned out pretty interesting looking with the sunlight and shadows working there.
The old boat with the horses in the pasture background turned out nice, too. 
Aren't they beautiful creatures?
The horses frolicked in the pasture all afternoon.  They were so pretty running and kicking and shaking their manes.
Here is a little closer look. 

Here is another one of the pretty steeds.

Just in the length of time I was taking those shots, Mike had caught several more fish.  Here is a view of him enjoying his form of relaxation.  This shot was taken from my perch on the pier.
I like how the water is reflecting here, too.
I think he had caught a bass and was using pliers to get the hook out of his mouth.  He was a big fellow.

Of course, it also could have been when he caught this one.

Or maybe it was this one.
Anyway, he caught several and threw back more than he kept.  He offered to let me fish but I remember fishing with my Daddy when I was a girl and he made us bait our own hook and take the fish off as well.  I didn't mind spearing that worm on the hook but I didn't like touching the fish for some reason.  Maybe it is because I knew I was going to eat him later.  So, I told Mike about that and he even offered to take the fish off the hook for me or to let me borrow his gloves.  I chuckled and told him that I wanted him to enjoy the entire fishing experience and I knew that if I had one of the poles I would keep him so busy taking the fish off the hook that he wouldn't get to fish at all.  What a smile that brought to his face!

I did a little bit of online shopping with my laptop and made some suggestions to my daughter-in-law, Jessica's paper.  Plus, I just enjoyed gazing around at the beautiful scenery. 

Don't you know the view from the home-owner's back porch is just spectacular? 
The view to the owner's back porch ain't so bad!

Soon it was time to leave and I walked the planks back to where Mike had sat and fished.
We both left the lake feeling more relaxed and satisfied.
Even though the shot of the fish isn't so great,
I love how the water droplets glisten like diamonds on this one.
Here is a good look at what will be dinner one weekend!
I may not have gotten the forty-eleven-hundred things I had on my to-do list done, but it was still a great afternoon.  Both of us got to spend time doing something relaxing and enjoy the sunshine together. 

Wonder if he will ask me to go again?