If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Mike and I had visitors today.  Animal visitors. 

I thought I heard a cow mooing when I was pretty much asleep at about 2:30ish this morning.  Then, I thought it sounded like she was closer.  I kept telling myself that I was just dreaming.  Then, I clearly heard her right at the corner of our house at three o'clock this morning.  I'm sure of this because I got up and looked out my bedroom window and saw her ambling along there.  So, I went to the front door, turned on the lights, and looked out.  There was a whole herd right there in our front yard and field.  So, I called Mike's nephew, Jay, and he said he was on his way to get them.  I don't have pictures because me in a T-shirt and rubber boots carrying a flashlight at three in the morning is not a pretty sight.  I herded them back toward the barn and came into the house when I heard a truck start up back at Jay's house. 

Then, this morning I glanced out the window when it was about mid-morning and I was working on changing out a load of laundry and there were these guys ambling across the front yard.

I tried to get a shot of them looking out the front door but kept getting a glare from the sun off the storm door.  So, the photo above is after they had eased across the creek/ditch and were headed toward my father-in-law's turnip green patch.

They traipsed right across there and up to the fence.  I thought they were going to go up to visit my in-laws but I guess they didn't have on their Sunday best and decided to just cross over the fence and circle back to the barn. 

Then, one-by-one, they hopped up on the fence - well the last one didn't, he shimmied under it.  And they strolled across the road and strutted up toward the barn.

It was really interesting to watch them as they strolled along looking as if they were playing follow the leader.

I love living in the country!