If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Room

I realize that some days I live a luxurious life.  This morning I got to sleep late.  (Thank you sweet husband!)  Then, I had time to nibble a bagel, sip coffee, and browse through some blog posts of folks I follow.  I had time to read several posts and follow their links to read posts of some blogs they follow...

One of the posts I stumbled upon, over at Fieldstone Hill, focused on the writer's current favorite room in her house.  This set me thinking lots about our house, my former homes, rooms within those homes and more.  One thing I know I couldn't do in this house where I now live is to choose a favorite room.

I first thought it would be the master bedroom because it is so calm and restful to me.  Yet, it is also airy, breezy (when the windows are open in spring and fall - and one day earlier this week), and full of sunshine at times.  I love the hardwood floors.  I love the abundance of windows.  I love the bay window seat.  I love the antique furniture.  Of course, there are things I would change - but all-in-all, I love that room.

Then, I realized I was sitting in the kitchen when I could take my laptop anywhere.  So, I love that room, too.  I love the sunshine feeling of the yellow walls.  I love the abundance of cabinets.  I love the fabric of the curtains - something I found years before I even had a glimmer of thought about this house.  I love the French doors that open out onto the deck.  I love the huge windows which make me feel almost like I'm outside.  Of course, I'd love to change the counter tops.  I wish there was a place to mount a flat screen TV.  I wish there was a place for a small breakfast table for the two of us to eat at instead of the island.  All-in-all, I love that room, though.

I also thought about our den (or as Mike refers to it - the living room- which is probably more truthful because we do tend to live in there).  I love the fireplace which makes it feel cozy.  I love the large size of it.  I love most of the furniture there.  I love the Merlot silk drapes.  Oh, I'd change some things in it like maybe make it a bit wider so the sofa could sit opposite or parrallel to the hearth and not chop up the room.  Or, I would like to have it be lighter at times like the kitchen to give more of a feeling of being outside.  Yet, all-in-all, I love that room, too.

I'm wondering if maybe I should choose a 'current' favorite room and share it with some depth in some future posts like the other blogger did.  Hmmm...
Anyway, after giving it some thought, I couldn't think of a room that I like less than any of the others (unless maybe you want to count my closet that is such a wreck and needs a deep cleaning out).  So, maybe this house is deep-down wonderful!  Or maybe I have truly made it my own by painting and furnishing and decorating it.  Or maybe I'm just happy to be here because it is where the love of my life calls home.