If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life Plans

When do you think you first had an idea about yourplans for life?  I think we all start envisioning a path for ourselves at some point.  I remember being in middle school and feeling like I knew exactly where I wanted to go to college, what I wanted to do for a living after that...  Somehow, though, that path had some detours...

Recently, after having to park half-way across campus, my daughter and her family were trekking to the college's arena to watch my daughter-in-law's graduation ceremony.  (You can see more about that HERE.)  My five-year-old granddaughter was complaining about the hike and my daughter gently informed her that lots of walking is generally a part of being a collegiate.  Whereupon, my granddaughter informed her that she had no intention of going to college.  When asked what she planned to do, she announced that she planned to "live on a mountain and have a horse ranch." 

Wow!  What a plan for such a young little lady.

Then, just last week, after a Bible-study lesson about a widow, Lillie asked, "What is a widow?" and was informed that this is a woman who is alone after her husband dies.  So, Lillie informed her teachers that she would be one of those.  After more depth of an explanation, she declared that she had no intention of every marrying or having children.  Of course,her teachers reported the declaration to Lillie's mother which prompted a follow-up conversation. 

It was explained to Lillie that she would have some help on her horse ranch if she had a husband and some children.  To this, Lillie responded that she would just "make friends with some cowgirls and cowboys" who would help her. 

Wow!  What a plan for such a young little lady.

This set me to thinking.  I wonder what sort of detours she will have in her life that take her off this path she has envisioned in front of her.  Of course, I hope her path is all sunshine and smiles.  We always want our children and grandchildren to have a smoother, easier, happier life than we have, don't we?

Yet, when I think of the journey I've had, I would change very little.  No, it hasn't always been sunshine and smiles for me.  However, I'm sure I wouldn't have wound up here if I hadn't been there.  I choose to believe that, while God doesn't want us to suffer or struggle - those things are a consequence of our free-will choices.  He does take those experiences and choices and use them for good.  I certainly hope that the good He makes of my life is a positive inspiration for others.  "The great use of life is to spend it for somehing that will outlast it," said the philosopher William James. 

I just hope that what outlasts my life is something good.