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Monday, February 13, 2012


It has been long years since I have done any Valentine decorating at home. I guess I'm just too rushed and probably a little burned out with the cold weather and haven't gotten caught up since the Christmas decorations. Who knows? At any rate, the sweet hearts are not usually posted here.

I was inspired a little bit when I saw some things posted on Pinterest with cutesy hearts. So, I decided to do a little something here at home.

I changed out the decorations on my table for one thing.
Leaving several things on the tray like this makes it easy to move when I need the space of the table.

I just put a trio of red votives in the cute lantern Bridgette gave me for Christmas, plopped some red tulips in a crystal vase, and added a heart-shaped candle.
The mantle

I added this heart-shaped twig sculpture to the mantle in the den. I've had it for years and like the earthiness of it. It adds just enough in there to not overwhelm but to still say Valentines.

There are a couple more heart-shaped candles here and there - something students gave me or something I picked up off a clearance table I think. Then, I created a puffy heart for my front door.
Simple and sweet!

Our house sits a long distance from the road. So, it really only looks like a red dot on the door when drivers go by. I doubt anybody can tell what is there. But, I smile when I go by because I know it is there. I highly recommend that everybody could craft one of these door decorations. Plus, it was cheap! I simply followed the tutorial that Stacy and Calling All Sleepyheads posted.  You can learn how to create something like this, too, just go HERE.  (My daughter and I have crafted several of these.  Bridgette made several for my granddaughter, Lillie's birthday.  You can see those HERE.  She also made one for me and caused me to have to reproduce a similar one that you can see HERE.  Probably the cutest ones Bridgette has crafted were a couple we forgot to get a completed shot of before we gave them away.  But, you can see the works in progress HERE and HERE.) 

So, while the decor doesn't exactly look like hearts galore, the warmth and love in our hearts is really oozing here during February!  Hope your month is full of love.