If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have so been wanting a Snow Day.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  One of those days where the weather is cold, wet with snow and everybody gets to stay inside and watch the flakes fall while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.  A good day to watch movies.  A good day to read a book and snuggle up under a coverlet.  A day to just be cozy and lazy.  Not only do I really want that.  I NEED it!  A day off to...do nothing.  Well, today I got that.
the view out my front door

I'm not one who likes to get out in the snow.  Since I reached adulthood, I haven't wanted to be out in it and play.  I thought of snow as something that simply caused me extra work.  As a young adult, snow was something that meant we had to work harder to keep cows fed, water thawed, and tramp through mud and slushiness.  So, I was not such a great fan of snow.  Oh, I've always thought it a beautiful sight and loved looking out the window at it.  But, I would prefer to stay inside and stir up some soup, chili, or hot chocolate while everybody else threw snowballs, sledded down the hills, and built snowmen.  I guess that still carries over today.  Still, I love a good snow day.
snow piling on the porch and truck

As an educator, I love snow days because it is like a free gift of a day off.  It is a day when we hadn't really planned to be home and didn't have to prepare for a sub.  It is a day to enjoy the luxuries of life.  It is a day to grab some extra sleep.  It is a day to just goof off!  Or, sometimes it is a day to try to do a little catching up from all the work demands like grading, recording grades, advance lesson planning, etc. 
big fat plopping snowflakes

So, today when I got a snow day it was a little bit exciting.  My heart beat just a little bit faster.  I felt just a little giddy - sort of like a kid. 
blanketing the furniture

Let it snow!  I said.  I dreamt of it falling all day and creating drifts and mounds.  The sight was beautiful and I snuggled a little bit more happily inside with my sweetheart.  We enjoyed the beauty.
taking in the beauty

We appreciated the naturalness and country and creatures around us.  We napped a little bit and stood at the window with a steaming cup.
the view out the back door

We got a beautiful snow day.  The view was wonderful.  Mike and I shared time together.  It was restful and peaceful.  So, why is that I'm not thrilled and satisfied?
Today is Sunday!