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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back Door Greetings!

My daughter Bridgette has tried several different ways to warm and cozy up the space between the chimney and back door at her house.  She planted most every kind of shade-loving plant imaginable and nothing seemed to thrive.  So, eventually, she and her husband spread gravel there for a patio to join their covered back porch.  She added a table and chairs.  She also covered some cushions I gave her for the chairs that I STILL think I need to recall back to my house because they are so cute.  You can read about that HERE.  Then, they later added a simple wrought iron gazebo structure and she created a chandelier to hang above the table.  It has turned into a nice, cozy and welcoming spot to enjoy outdoor meals, read, or simply relax. 

She still had one little niche that seemed to be asking for something right there between the door and the chimney.  Bridgette shared a photo with her local garden center consultant on a recent visit and the consultant suggested an urn and evergreen plant.  So, last week we went on a junking jaunt and Bridgette was searching for just the right thing - at a reduced price, of course!

I think she found the perfect accessory.  Let me introduce you to Suzy...

She is a wire maniquin.  Bridgette has accesorized her as a gardener for now by draping a floral scarf round her waist, a straw hat on her head, and a cast-off watering can I gave her which is spilling out a vine.  (That old can didn't look like that when I gave it to her.  Maybe I need to recall it, too!) 

My daughter's thoughts are that she could accessorize her by occasion - Santa hat at Christmas, balloons for a party, etc.  Suzy will be there to bring a smile and greet every back-door guest. 

Plus, she's just adorable all on her own!