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Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Delivery

Bridgette, Lillie, and Lydia came by to deliver their hand-crafted Father's Day gift.  Lillie and Lydia were all grins because they just KNOW Mike is going to like it!
They just made a trip to the store and bought a plethora of snacks and candies, a piece of floral foam, popsicle sticks, and some paper shreds.  Then, Bridgette hot-glued chocolate covered peanuts and raisins to the foam to form the vase and tied a cutesy ribbon round it all.
the vase

Next, she glued and taped the different snacks and candies to popsicle sticks and poked the sticks into the foam, filled in with some coordinating paper shreds, added a printed Happy Father's Day message and voila!  An adorable gift!
Isn't that just too cute?

I'm not sure that Mike will like all of that stuff.  I'm thinking I might need to relieve him of some of that chocolate...for his own good, of course.