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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Showing Off

Bridgette, Lillie, and Lydia came for a visit today.  When they were scheduling the visit (checking to be sure I'd be home), Lillie suggested that she could take Bridgette and Lydia and show them Nan's pool.  After all, she was here only last week and had given the pool a test run to be sure it was a good thing.

So, the troops came and we could hardly sit still for lunch.  Before the last bite was swallowed, the grands had shucked down out of their clothes and were wiggling into their swimsuits!  We trekked back to my sister and brother-in-law's house with Lillie giving directions to Bridgette, our driver.

We were told that even if you chose not to get into the pool, "there is a nice cardboard place for you to sit and just watch."  We were barely stopped and the engine quiet before Lillie was out the door and dashing for the steps. 

There was no hesitation - immediately she stepped into the floaty ring and was down into the water.

The experienced pro

Lydia wasn't far behind.  However, like her sister had been last week, she was a wee bit intimidated to just drop off into the pool and had a bit of reservation.  However, as soon as I got wet, she decided it was okay to try it out.  So, she stepped into her floaty ring and held tightly to my hands and launched out into the waves.  After only a heartbeat, Little Miss Independent was out on her own floating and kicking and splashing along.

Lydia, Miss Independent

A couple of times she even got brave enough to go under water - intentionally - not "drowning a little bit" like Lillie did last week. 

getting ready to go under water

Both girls are already planning for when they visit next week.  Lillie is bringing a horse that floats, her goggles, and who knows what.  I think Lydia only believes she needs the floaty ring to have fun.

relaxing and floating