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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is it hot enough for you?

I remember as a kid that lots of the grown-ups would ask that question all during the summer.  I always got a little peeved about it because what could they do about it?  If it was hot enough they had nothing to do with the temperature and if it wasn't hot enough they couldn't turn up the thermostat either.  So, I'm not really asking that frustrating question but what I am saying is...

Do you have any idea just how hot it is out there?  To me it is just unbearable.  I know that I have become spoiled having a cushy job sitting in a cushy chair in a cushy air-conditioned school building.  But, today was a day when I was out and about running errands and getting in and out of the vehicle and going from place to place.  So, even today I wasn't really suffering so much out in the sweltering heat.  But let me tell you - it was HOT out there today!

When we got home, this is what I noticed on my back deck:

I know, I know that this was a bit of an exageration.  This was at about three o'clock and the sun was beating down and bouncing off the deck and the side of the house but it really felt that hot to us!  In the three summers I have lived here, I have never witnessed that thermometer showing such temperatures.  So, if you asked me that frustrating question, my answer would be ...

Mainly because it is W-A-Y TOO HOT for me!