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Monday, July 23, 2012

Making Pickles

My favorite brother-in-law (on Mike's side of the family) recently went south to an auction where the Mennonites were selling vegetables. He brought home a truck-load of goodies. (You may want to read about that HERE.) Mike and I were the lucky recipients of some of those vegetables. Since there was an overabundance of cucumbers, I decided to give pickling a try. My first efforts turned out pretty well. You can learn more about that HERE and HERE. Well, I also decided to make some dill pickles as well. 

I finished those up this past week.  I am anxious to see how they taste but the recipe I used says that they need to ferment in the jars for at least three weeks.  So, I've got a bit of a wait, yet. 

They look pretty good and they smelled fabulous!  If you want to know what it takes to make Kosher-Style Dill Pickles, you can see what I did HERE.  I'm not too happy with the fact that the pickle juice looks a little bit milky.  So, I'm anxious to see if they are going to be tasty.  I won't be able to report on how they taste for a bit, though.

These new adventures sort of make me feel as if I've become one of those back to nature women who lives off the land!  I guess the good thing is, if we ever do have to survive by preserving and canning and "puttin' up" our own food, I'll have an idea of how to do it!