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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Using an Alias

There are lots of reasons somebody would use an alias.  Most of them probably relate to illegal activities.  Before we even made it home with our new dog, I learned that he was using an alias!  If you read yesterday's post, you learned that we got a new pet dog family member on Tuesday.  I had been looking at the Adopt-A-Pet, Petfinder, and local animal shelter listings for several weeks.  I had certain criterion that were important to me and began making inquiries only recently.  Most of the time those inquiries led to my opting out of adopting.

Then, I noticed a posting which led me to another posting and there he was!  I was immediately captivated by the photos that were included.  So, late one afternoon I called to inquire.  The fellow who answered my call let me know that the animal shelter was already closed but the dog was still available.  He answered my questions and then began to talk favorably about the dog listed as Marshall going so far as to say he would take him home if he could.  Marshall was described as being two years old, friendly, smart, good with other dogs, outgoing with people but not too rambunctious.  The shelter employee could not believe Marshall had not already been adopted.  The fellow also mentioned that his 'real' name might be Toby.  I learned that the dog was already neutered, was healthy, and already had a micro-chip for identification.  It seems that the original owner had to move and gave the dog away.  The information relating to the micro-chip was never changed and the second owner could not be located.

I whined begged wheedled persuaded rationally discussed our getting a dog with Mike who was against it.  It seems that years ago he had a strong attachment with a dog.  Then, when she died, he was heart-broken and lonesome without her for quite some time.  Last year when my dog, Ginger, died, I was devastated and cried and mourned and moped for a long time.  Mike just didn't want to risk that possibility again.  Later that night he told me that we are in this together and if I wanted the dog, just get it.  The only thing is, he might have to change the name of the dog - he wasn't too fond of Marshall.  The next morning, he kissed me as he headed off to work and told me was still skeptical but to be careful as I trekked off to get the dog.  (He even confessed that he would do his best to give me anything and everything I ever wanted.  So, I'm wondering...a house on the beach...a convertible car...)

Bridgette had offered to go with me to get the dog.  So, I told her to be here at 8:30 in the morning if she wanted to go.  This meant she would have to rouse and ready her daughters and drive for an hour to get to my house.  So, I really didn't expect to see them.  Yet, sure enough, there they were just as I was getting ready to walk out the door.

Lillie, the animal lover, asked me several questions about Martian.  So, I sort of agreed with Mike that maybe the name would have to be changed.

We trooped off north, nearly to the Kentucky border to meet Marshall.  I met the fellow I had conversed on the phone with the day before as well as some other new friends.  We went through the meet-and-greet and I signed my life away at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  I gave them a check for $37 and we went out the door in less than an hour.  When we got to the parking lot, Bridgette opened the back hatch/door of her SUV and the dog immediately began to jump up into the crate we had back there, telling me that he was crate trained and would be easier to acclimate into hour household.

Part of the paperwork which was given me listed a phone number for updating the micro-chip.  When I called, I learned that the dog's listed name was Toby.  So, I left it listed as that and we began to call him Toby.  I don't know whether he got the alias Marshall because of where he was picked up or exactly why the animal shelter listed his name as such.  Maybe he was a criminal who chased chickens in his previous life.  Maybe he had stolen a shoe and needed to lay low for a while.  Maybe he was a peacekeeper in a town called Dodge City at one time.  Who knows why he was using an alias.  However, this guy will not be masquerading under some other name again.  Toby he is!