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Monday, January 6, 2014

A Good Hint

Some people are lots better at taking hints than others.

My mother was absolutely G-R-E-A-T at taking a hint for our Christmas gift this year.

She and Daddy got us exactly what Mike and I wanted and needed!

The pots are nice and deep for boiling and simmering soups and beans and potatoes that I have made for dinner lately.

Mike likes the see-through lids and non-stick finish for when he cooks sausage and eggs like he did for breakfast this weekend.

Doesn't the blue color look designer-ish there in our kitchen?
Thanks for digging that box out of the pile of other colors, Daddy!

Didn't they do a great job picking out just what we wanted and needed and longed to have for our cooking efforts?

I may have been just a little helpful...

I may have given her a wonderful hint...

Well, after all, she does gift to LOTS of folks...and I appreciated the hints from the adult children's holiday lists
Aren't those copper knobs pretty?

I'm sure there are times when she wonders what would be the ideal gift...

I just thought I'd give her a little hint...

Just to help out...

So, I sent her this email:
One of the recent Big Lots ads...

Just a subtle little hint, don't you think!