If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Havin' Some Weather

Every time we have had the television on 'regular' TV - not cable channels for football games or movies or something - the local channels have been filling the airwaves with weather warnings.  It reminds me of this old fellow who knew my Daddy when we were growing up...

When we were little girls, my sister and I loved to ride to town with Daddy and go to all the exotic places he patronized.  There would be a stop at the local country market.  He got cigarettes, a candy bar or sweet cake, and a Pepsi and we got some sort of candy and a soft drink.  Sometimes we might get something like chips as well.  

We would usually go to the tractor supply store for some sort of part or hydraulic oil or something like that.  We would go to the local Farmer's Co-op to "pay a little on the feed bill" and pick up sundry farm or animal needs. 

My sister and I had some great adventures when we got to ride along with Daddy.  Those trips didn't happen very often but when they did, we were thrilled.  Sometimes we got into adventures that were common-place like when we would jump off the loading dock into the bed of Daddy's farm truck.  Sometimes those adventures were a bit more memorable like the time we were waiting at the feed mill, had gotten pretzels at the store, and ate all the loose salt in the bottom of the bag causing us to be sick.  

One reason all those exotic places provided great adventure is because we didn't go there very often.  Another reason is probably because we had a bit more freedom when we tagged along with Daddy than when we went places with Mama.  We always had to stay within her sight or she would say something like "stand right here next to me," or "don't get into that," or "no touching."  When we were with Daddy, we seemed to get to explore all the aisles and touch everything from halters and ropes and chains to jugs of oil and fuel additives while he talked to the clerks.  We could climb onto the feed sacks and scamper around and hide on the display shelves.  

Another reason it was always interesting to go along with Daddy was because of the characters we would encounter.  I remember this one older fellow who always had to take some time to talk to Daddy.  His conversation almost always opened with this statement, "Boy, we been havin' some weather ain't we?  You all been havin' weather out to your place?"

So, I guess I am writing this post to tell you, it has started to rain here and we are havin' us some weather.  Ya'll havin' any weather out to your place?