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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beautiful Needlework

My mother does some of the most beautiful handwork I have ever seen.  She is a person who doesn't just sit.  When she and Daddy have the television on, she always has something that she is stitching.  She has cross-stitched countless samplers and pillows.  She has embroidered multiple crazy quilts.  She has knitted a heap of afghans and coverlets.

For each of us, when we married, she cross-stitched a wedding announcement sampler or a knitted coverlet.  After the birth of a new baby, one can expect a pillow or a birth announcement sampler, a knitted blanket, or a baby quilt honoring the new addition.  She also pieced and quilted each of us a full-sized quilt for our bed.

What I'm trying to say is that the woman is pretty darn good with a needle!

For Christmas this year, she stitched a sampler for us.  It is in my favorite shades of blue.
A picture cannot capture the beauty and craftsmanship.

I wandered round the house looking for just the right place.  I held it up to one wall and then another.  I took down a plate and tried it here.  I took down a picture and tried it there.  I almost hung it in our master bedroom.  Then, I got to thinking...(Yes, I do think SOMETIMES!)

I want to hang this work of art and master craftsmanship somewhere that almost everybody who comes to our house can see it.  So, that means the kitchen, the den, or the guest bathroom.  The bathroom won out.

There is a narrow section of wall between the vanity and the linen closet.  It is the width of the sampler plus about three inches.  So, it seemed to me that the wall was made for that sampler!

So, when you come to visit, don't wait till the urge hits you, go check out the beautiful needlework!