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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Pieces for the Roadshow?

You may recall that members of my family and I have been collecting treasures (of course, it all depends on your perspective) and wondering which one will by my Antique Roadshow treasure.

Recently, I was the recipient of a couple of prints and was really glad to get them.  I absolutely love the colors in them and they are so pastoral and serene.

Sorry the image isn't better but my cell phone shot is all I had that was a head-on close-up.

I have tried to find out more information about these prints by searching online and at my local library.

No luck.

So, here is where I appeal to the world.

(I guess what I'm really doing is asking my Mama to poll her friends since she seems to be my most avid reader!)

What do you know about these prints?

This is what the sticker on the back of the one on the left looks like:

It is called The Swing.  Well, for obvious reasons...

It shows a Victorian lady swinging gleefully between two trees!  I'm sure her face looks a lot like our Lydia's ecstatic one when she was swinging last year at Pre-K...

As you can see on the sticker, the prints are marketed by a company called Turner Wall Accessory and I have found out about other prints marketed by this company but not these two.

The other print has this sticker on the back:

and, well, it shows a pastoral scene with folks dancing.  Imagine that!

I had a difficult time deciding where to hang these two treasures.

The colors worked in almost every single room of this house.

(Wonder if Mama and Aunt Mary thought of that when they decided these treasures needed to be passed along to me?)

First, I tried them in the master bedroom with the stitched piece my Granny had crafted...

Then, I tried them in the front bedroom with the quilt I'm still searching for fabric to accessorize...

Next, I tried them in the back guest bedroom and decided they needed to be where I could enjoy them more often.

Then, finally decided they needed to flank the opposite side of the fireplace where I had another pastoral scene of cows that came from Mike's side of the family.

We do like them.  They are a real treasure from our perspective.

I still can't help but wonder if they are my Antique Roadshow treasure pieces, though...