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Monday, January 12, 2015

More Babies!

Well, the barn is FULL!

Mike set a goal for these winter months to raise ten bottle calves.  He is off and running...

Well, as close to running as Mike or I ever get, anyway!

Last weekend he and his cousin Jeff went to a dairy farmer friend's and picked up five New Babies.  They were both about as excited kids in a candy store.  They began to get them situated and settled and then got the call that there were five more ready at the middle of the week...the first day the temperature didn't get above freezing.

As soon as they could get the crew unloaded and the trailer unhooked from the truck, the guys went to work to get some warm milk into the new little fellows.
They each got a warm bottle of milk and were settled into a pen for the night.
These two snuggled down to get warm.
This little fellow curled up into a ball.
This one earned the nickname George Washington.
Now the guys will have their hands full providing a little TLC for all these guys.

When I let Bridgette know that Mike has ten babies on the bottle and eight more fellows at the back of the barn, she sent a text message that said:

OMG.  Is he crazy?

I responded:


She finished the conversation:

He is NUTS!