If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let me just say that and nothing more

Yesterday was not a pretty one.

Let me just say that and nothing more.

Well, let me just add this part...

At the end of my school day...as I was walking to my truck...I happened to glance down at the ground and saw - not one, but two - yes, two pennies lying there.

"Find a penny.  Pick it up.  All day long you will have good luck." That phrase sing-songed  in my head till I stopped and picked them up.

So, the day wasn't totally awful.

Today is looking better.

I got to sleep late.  Well, sort of...

I woke up at 3:40 A.M. and my old body was aching and my head was stuffy.  So, I took a couple of pain-reliever tablets and an antihistamine, grabbed a quilt and went to prop myself up on the couch to try to sniffle and go back to sleep without waking Mike.

However, good old Toby had other ideas.  He knew I didn't get back in bed.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe he didn't hear me snoring breathing right there in the bed near his crate.  Who knows?

Just as I was about to doze off...Toby started whining and yipping and begging to be let out of his crate.

So, I went back in there to him and pointed my finger at him and told him in a firm and authoritative manner to hush.  (Translation: Me standing in front of his crate, wearing one of Mike's t-shirts with my hair sticking out in all directions like Medusa, growling at him to shut up or I would make him be really sorry that he woke up Mike...and there may have been an expletive...or two.)

That worked.

Until I got snuggled back under the quilt and situated in a propped up manner on my pillows and just about dozed off again.

Then, I had to stomp back in there and repeat my reprimand and add in a kick to Toby's crate and closed the closet, the bathroom, and the bedroom doors.

I doubt that worked either, but I didn't hear him anymore until 9:00 A.M. this morning!

Mike was already just about finished with his morning feeding chores.  So, I offered to make sausage, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast.

I puttered round and was ready for the milk to make the gravy.  So, I went out on the porch to get the milk and juice off the table and waved at Mike as he came out of the barn.  As I stirred up the gravy, I noticed that the milk had a few ice crystals in it when I was finishing up that gourmet meal.  So, Mike and I conversed about the chill of the morning and I set the gravy on the table just as he had removed his barn boots, washed his hands, and was sitting down to eat.

What a team we are!  Synergy!

Wait, you say...What?

Yes, the milk and juice and all of the cold foods were stored on the back porch last night - most in coolers but the milk and juice jugs just sat out on the table.  Oh, did I forget to mention that our refrigerator stopped working night-before-last?

Yes.  Yes it did.