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Sunday, January 25, 2015

On to Greener Pastures...

Well, a couple of weeks ago the day came for Blacky, Spot, and Patches to find a new home.

Blacky had really kind of become a nuisance in some ways.  He didn't really realize his full size and strength and he would try to rub his head up against you to show his affection.  When a 430 pound steer does that, a normal-sized person is likely to wind up mashed against the barn wall or something. Even though it was tough on the tender-hearted farmer, he realized it was time.

So, the day came when Mike could finally say goodbye.

The three largest calves he has here on the farm were loaded onto the trailer and taken to the nearest livestock auction barn on Monday morning a couple of weeks ago.

We made guess-timates of what they weighed and how much per pound they might bring.

We are not really that good at guessing.  Mike and I thought they would weigh 500 pounds or better and Blacky was the heaviest guy at 430 pounds with Patches being the lightweight at 355 pounds.

I gave Mike a call at about lunchtime to see how the departure went.  He reported that they were no trouble to load, haul, or unload.  He also reported, "Old Blacky started down the lane of the livestock barn and then turned around to look at me."

I wonder who thought it was hardest to let go... on to greener pastures...