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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blacky and Spot

Remember back in June when I asked you to guess what we got?
 How about when I announced we had a new baby?

Well, the time has come for these guys to move on to another home...

...or so I thought.

About three weeks ago Mike said he was going to take these two guys to the stock yard to sell them the following Monday.

Then, on Sunday Mike said he just couldn't get rid of them, yet.  When I asked why, he explained that Blacky had walked up to him and rubbed his head up against Mike's arm.  So, Mike put his arm around Blacky's neck and stood there and petted him a bit.  With that, Mike informed me that he just wasn't ready to say good-bye to Blacky and Spot, yet.

 Here is a look at how Blacky and Spot looked earlier this week.  Quite a bit of difference, huh?  I'm guessing that they weigh close to 500 pounds these days.  When they are not at the barn wanting Mike to give them a hug and a little bit of petting, they are hanging out in the lot...usually near the round bale of hay.
 When you go to the back gate of the barn and give a shout, they will come running, though!
I'm just wondering how much longer these two friends will be able to play up to the soft spot in Mike's heart and get to stay here?

Guess who was the subject of my new camera play today?

Update:  I think their days are numbered...Mike is en route to get more babies and there are pens for about ten set up in the barn!