If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cool Dude

This fellow and his parents came for a visit on Sunday afternoon and it was a special treat for Daddy Mike and Grand B!

The 'sungasses' were an integral part of his day and we learned that no matter who had them perched on his/her head, they were dubbed, "Cool Dude."

There was never a doubt at who the coolest dude was, however!  At one point, he decided he needed to use that book he was holding and read a bit to us.  He claimed he was preaching and it seemed like serious business.  (I guess PaPaw's influence was shining through.)

He also used the book as a reference when he did a bit of singing.  With a little guidance from Mom and Dad, we enjoyed several tunes!
This cool dude is one bright individual and that was affirmed when we sat down to dinner.  After eating a few bites of mac-and-cheese and such, with an innocent, pleading expression, he looked up at his eating partner and said, "Mike, I want some choc-it...Peeeeese!"  This cool dude knows who the softest touch is and got the request - immediately!