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Friday, July 17, 2015

Down to the Swimmin' Hole!

This crew came for a visit yesterday and brought along their mothers.  We all applied sunscreen and headed off down to the local swimmin' hole.  It was my first visit to the local recreation center pool and it proved to be a fabulous locale.  I hate I hadn't investigated it earlier and patronized it more frequently!

The littlest trouper was the bravest and had to be watched the most closely.  Luci loved splashing and waving her hands through the water.  She also loved performing some vigorous kicking - much like a little frog.  She dipped her face into the water and squealed with glee!

The most curious of the bunch was probably Harris who needed to check out every single little fountain squirting water along the edge of the pool.  He tested out the water splashing down from the umbrella fountain.  He rolled and sat and climbed and splashed.  He also dipped his face into the water and did loads of jumping.  I'm not sure that the snack time wasn't also a great source of appreciation for him, too, though!

Lydia brought along her snarfle and she spent lots of time investigating the underwater world.  After learning that she could touch the bottom even in the 'deep' part, she was an explorer and relished the opportunity to swim, search underwater, and simply stand under the water cone dumper and be splashed!

Lillie, being older and more sophisticated, enjoyed floating in the deeper water and swirling round.  She played with the little folks but also spent a good deal of time floating and relaxing on her own with her cool, color-changing shades to shield her eyes from the sun.  She also spread out a couple of towels on a lounge chair and did a bit of suntanning!

I wished several times while they were flipping and kicking and rolling in the water that I had brought my camera along.  Logical thinking prevailed, however, because I anticipated that there would be nothing left dry with this bunch - and I was correct.  My poor camera might have been ruined.  The memories, however, are not!  We all - grown-ups and children alike - had a fun day at the old swimmin' hole.