If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I've been working ten, twelve, fourteen hour days for the past month and




This morning I had the wonderful luxury of sleeping late and I did! I slept till eight o'clock!

Then, I took a cup of coffee out onto the back porch and sat and sipped and enjoyed the breeze.

When the sun popped out and made things a bit toasty, I stepped back inside and perused the blog posts I've been pushing down in my inbox and slurped some coffee.  It has been a quiet morning with nothing requiring my energy and it has been beyond delightful!

I think I've been too tired to be inspired to do anything and that has added to the sapping of my strength and energy.

One of the clicks this morning took me to this blog post where even the title was calling out to my lack of energy. Do you know anybody who doesn't need to slow down and live in the moment?

I visited the #LetGo link and embraced the concept of having a Hush Hour.

I loved so many of the blog posts that I cannot even begin to list them.

I don't know if the facts and figures are research-based and I really don't care.  I know that I am one of the forty percent.

And I see my daughters (Bridgette, Jessica, and Bonnie) scurrying and trying to do

it all. 

So, I consistently encourage them to pause and just BE.  I hope they will take some time to let go and stop trying to be the perfect ... fill in the blank.

I realized that I might have begun to take steps in this direction even before this morning.  I created my 'to-don't-do-list' earlier in the week when a dear friend asked me to join her and work colleagues for some snacks and drinks on Friday afternoon.  While I love these girls and I truly enjoy spending time with them and feed off their youth and energy, for some reason, I was at a place where such an invitation sort of felt like one-more-thing-to-do.

So, I said no.

I came home, crashed on the couch, and had a Hush Hour, instead.  As I saw that image on the #LetGo page, it was frustrating for me to realize that a photo of my feet would be dramatically different because I haven't made time for a pedicure - not even one by myself - because I have been pushing so hard at getting things done and my feet - my whole body - show that.

Let me issue a challenge to you to be kinder to yourself.  Be kinder to others.  Indulge in those things that really are most important.  Spend more time being, not doing!