If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I've begun to notice that I'm slipping.

I don't think it is something that we should be alarmed about.


I just want everybody to be aware that I am.

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For example, it is nothing new that I will get up to refill my coffee cup and wind up loading the dishwasher, hand-washing the skillet, wiping down the counter-top, and sacking the trash before...

I sit back down and realize, I have to re-fill my coffee cup.
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Another perfect example that is really nothing new is - I will leave the kitchen and walk into the bedroom and stand there for a few minutes...

...trying to remember why I came into the bedroom.

I've been doing that sort of thing for most of my adult life.
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I used to be able to blame it on having to think for two children under the age of three who needed dry pants and food to eat and something to drink and clean clothes to wear,

or two children in school with dance practice and ball practice and calves/lambs to feed and homework,

or two children in high school and me in graduate school while working full-time and ballgames/dance practice/livestock to feed and extra plates to set at the table unexpectedly and mountains of laundry to conquer and a household to keep and vehicles to maintain.

Now, I don't really have those scapegoats and I even have a supportive, helpful husband.  Yet, I still have those sort of examples previously mentioned and even more.

Google Keep Note - golden color
I've never remembered numbers and that problem has compounded - if that is possible.

I can find a place in the grocery parking lot and look at the app on my phone to confirm I have funds to buy the necessities.  Then, after I gather up my bags, select a shopping cart, push through the doors of the store, and wheel through the produce section, I realize I have left my list on the kitchen counter and forgot how much money I have in my checking account.

Whew!  Thank goodness for a new friend called Google Keep.

Google Keep Note - orange

Now, when I am at work, supposedly focused on formatting a spreadsheet of information or proofing a tutorial before posting to the web or revising a lesson plan, if it pops into my head that we are almost out of toothpaste, I can just add that to my online grocery list!

Google Keep Note - teal

If a friend suggests a book to read and I know I won't remember the title because I will have to go online and renew some of the books on my bedside table in three weeks because I fall asleep when I sit down and things are quiet so I don't read as extensively as I used to do.  Then, by the time I've finished that stack of books, I will walk into the library and wonder what on earth one of the titles suggested by my friends might be.  If that happens, I can just add the title to my To-Read list!  Using the list view, after I have read a book or picked up an item at the store, I can cross it off my list!
Google Keep List - blue

If I take the drapes down in the den and drop them off at the dry-cleaners and the ticket they give me gets blown off of the sun-visor of my truck where I've pinned it, I can just add a little note to remind me to pick them up!

If I want somebody else to remember the information or so we can work on knocking out a list together, I can just share it!
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If I want to get a little reminder that I need to get ready for a birthday party at a certain time of the day on Saturday so that I don't get wrapped up in reading my library book or to nudge me awake after I fall asleep reading my library book, I can simply add a reminder along with my note!

My notes will sync to any device which has the app and I can access them through the web as well.  So, I always have access to the thoughts I've recorded on a note. So, I have the app on my phone, I access it using my laptop and my Chromebook as well.  So handy!
Google Keep Pop-Up Reminder

Well, I just got a little pop-up on my screen to remind me to get ready and go to a birthday party for one of the grands.  So, this post is done!

By the way, I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just wanted to let you know that you might start slipping one day, too, and there is no reason you cannot hide it for a little while by using a little friend who keeps all your notes wherever you are and helps you hold on to your thoughts!