If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I am a multi-tasker.  I try to do as many things at once as possible.  However, I think this crew traveling down the road had me beat by far!

Now, I followed this truck down the road for about 5-7 miles.  Look closely at the photo.  These are the things that I could see were going on:

1.  There was a neon shirt or something tied to the right side mirror and flapping in the wind.  Every now and again the passenger would straighten it out where it could flap more.  So, I'm guessing they were drying laundry or something.

2. Somebody in the back seat on the passenger side was standing up and I think they might have been changing shorts or boots or something.  Totally standing up - bent at the waist and changing clothes.  I saw the change of shirts but couldn't really tell what else they were doing before one shirt came off and another went on.

3.  Somebody in the back seat behind the driver must have been eating lunch.  See that white thing right in the middle of the back window.  It was a super-sized drink cup.  The cup was sitting on the tool box outside the back sliding-glass window.  Every now and again, the person would stick a hand out the window and get the cup and keep it inside long enough to take a slurp before setting it back outside on the tool box.

I saw some of this going on as we were going down the highway.  So, when we stopped at a stoplight, I picked up my phone and touched the camera app.  Then, I would just hold up my phone and shoot photos when I thought I might be able to catch some of the action.  After I arrived in the parking lot of the school I was visiting, I sorted through the many, many shots and could only find this one that was relatively clear.

I hate you missed the show!