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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Easing into Fall

It is September and my summer door decorations were looking tired and sad.  The blue burlap ribbon had faded terribly.  The tan burlap flags were looking a bit tired and they had darkened some.

I'm not quite ready to break out the pumpkins from last year and Halloween decorations as yet.  So, I decided to dig through my scrap pile to see what I could put together to tide us over.

I found a remnant of dark brown burlap.  It was 1/3 of a yard.  So, I decided I would try to get four small flags or banners out of it.

I dug through the fabric stash and found some orange chevron-striped fabric left from a baby blanket project, I think.  So, I drew a couple of leaf-shaped patterns and made some appliques for my burlap.

I decided that I needed something to coordinate with it.  So, I chose a solid orange piece of fabric.  Here is what I wound up with for my door decorations.
I'm using the same burlap ribbon with black swirls that I used last winter and all through the summer.  This time I topped those bows with orange gingham wired-edge ribbon.

My remnant and scraps made four door decorations with falling leaves and fall colors.
Here are the two French doors off the back porch.  I have another one there on the back at the laundry room entrance and another one for the basement entrance.

I guess I'm just easing my way into fall this year!