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Monday, September 14, 2015

In the Name of Progress

A few days ago I posted about my Bryan, Jessica, and Harris's New Digs.

They've been working feverishly to try to complete their temporary living quarters and hit some bumps in the road along the way.  I've heard their tales of rain delays and electricians not showing up and materials being out of stock and a second electrician not showing up...

So, I recently went for a visit to see, first-hand, how things were going.

I saw this fellow climb up on the little step ladder.
After he got up there where he could reach well, he began to help his mother with her painting.
First, he reached over and got her attention.
You know, he just gave her ponytail a little wiggle.

So, he was helping out with the painting.

Next, I saw him do a little climbing up on the step ladder.
He was ready to help his mother with those hard-to-reach spots.

More help with the toughest part of the painting.

Next, he checked out all the working parts and connectors of the air compressor so that he could help his father with the nail gun.
He made sure that all the parts which might be needed were there and ready to go if necessary.
You know, just another pair of hands ready to go into action if needed.

So, he was helping out with the trim work.

He wrestled with the shop-vac to get it all straightened and right where it was needed to suck up sawdust and wire giblets.
He pulled it into place and got it all set and ready.
Then, put it to good use.

So, he is a great help at cleaning up as they go along.

Oh, I know that the little man's mom and dad probably have to do the heavy lifting.

I just don't get it.  With such a good worker and a sunny disposition to boot, it seems to me that Bryan and Jessica might have made up for lost time.
I mean really.  What's the hold-up guys?