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Monday, September 7, 2015

New Digs

Right before one of the biggest snowfalls hit__

Way back around Valentine's Day__

My son and his wife listed their house with a realtor.

I think they believed it would take a while and they would have plenty of time to get going on their future home.

You see, their plan was to build a shop with a small apartment on some acreage adjoining Jessica's parents.  Then, after their house sold, they could start building a new home.  

Well, that plan didn't really work out as I think they anticipated.  

The house sold in a matter of days.

So, they loaded up the truck, so to speak, and moved in with Jessica's parents.

They still put the plan in motion to quickly build the shop and apartment.  However, like most construction projects, this one has taken a bit longer than the plan.

I recently went for a visit and to check things out.  

view from the end of the driveway

front and right side elevation
the left side
the back
front and left side elevation
the view from the edge of the porch
close up
at a distance
the kitchen
the bedroom and the help (there is the mama-painter in the background, too)
the den and the help

I am impressed.  I even told them that they needed to hurry up and get that house built so that these digs could be our little get-away place.  I might need to keep the help around for some entertainment, though!

Jessica's dad told them that maybe they could be moved in by their birthdays.  (the end of October and first of November)  Hmmm...