If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Few of Our Favorite Things

I've noticed a few blogs are offering up a few of their favorite things.  I know that these bloggers are promoting products for sponsors of their blog.  Since I have no sponsors, I am truly offering up a few of our favorite things!

We have the 8" and 10" Combo Frypan set.  I saw these on special at the grocery store a couple of months ago and thought I would give them a try.  You see we are hard on skillets.  We tend to eat good old country breakfasts most mornings.  We eat sausage or bacon almost every day.  So, this is a utensil we have had to replace almost yearly during our married life.  I use the large one for browning ground beef or pork.  Mike uses it to bread and fry pork tenderloin or fish or ocra.  Nothing sticks!  Clean up is easy!

This is another of those things I got on sale at the grocery store.  I love it for three reasons.  First, it can be programmed to have coffee ready when I wake up in the morning.  Secondly, it is easy to clean.  It comes apart and is submersable and can all be washed right in the sink next to where it sits.  Lastly, it doesn't leak or drip or make a mess when filling the cup.  It comes straight from the machine right into the cup.  I use one of those fancy one-cup coffee makers at work and it is fine.  However, you have to wait for each cup to brew.  I like the coffee to be ready when I am and to dispense right into my cup as well.  My sister recommended it and I absolutely think it is the best coffee maker on the market.

I was so angry last year when our fridge went out.  I was angry that we had to buy a new one.  I was angry at having to spend so much money.  However, as it turns out, getting exactly what we wanted was a wonderful gift in our lives.  I didn't want the in-the-door ice/water dispenser but I have grown to like it.  I can taste the difference in the filtered water and it doesn't leave a big mess like the old fridge did.  I love the bottom freezer drawer.  I love that both doors open at the top to put something big like a casserole on the shelves.  If you have to replace your fridge, I highly recommend getting one just like this!

I also love having a TV in my kitchen.  It helps me know the headlines because I can turn it on when cooking breakfast or dinner and learn what is going on in the world in snippets from the local or national news broadcasts.  It also brings me programs like The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I have a cookbook or two of hers and they are not only beautiful but they are practical and easy to follow recipes.  Not necessarily fancy and difficult recipes but good fare and she shows step-by-step how to prepare dishes that we have grown to love.  Someday I'd like to turn my recipe blog into a cookbook to share with the grandchildren as they go out into the world and Ree is my inspiration!
One of the best gifts I've ever gotten was my camera that Mike gave me last year.  I've had such fun learning to use it.  I like the quality photos I get from it without having a single photography lesson.  I think it has helped me to look at the world a little differently and I look forward to making photos, posting them to my blog, and maybe someday using it to create those books I've always wanted to write!

Google+ and FaceTime are another couple of wonderful tools.  I've used Google Hangouts with teachers when I cannot get to their school due to time constraints.  I love that it allows me or the teacher to share our screen and makes for an easy way to teach something simple.  I also love having Hangouts with my granddaughters.  They live a bit more than an hour away and we can chat by phone but getting to see them and have them visually share something is so wonderful.  It is almost like having them visit right through the back door.  The same goes for FaceTime with one of our grandsons.  He is just two-years-old but he will chat and look at the screen to see us or the dog and will dash around to show us things he is growing and learning.  It sure helps to bide the time when we actually can visit through our or their back doors!  I also use Google+ to share photos with the family and not have to post them for the world to see online.  I choose who gets to see the photos and who does not and that makes me feel more secure.  I love so many features involving technology and bringing folks closer is certainly one of the most important!

We are so fortunate to have loads of things to love.  Of course the roof over our head and the opportunities and blessings we are graced with on a daily basis are wonderful and listing each as a favorite would be impossible but today I've shared a few of the big things that are our household favorites.  Enjoy!