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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Menu

We had a Thanksgiving Feast this Thursday past!

Even though I tried to do a little bit along, I came to realize that I am getting old and I am w-a-y out of shape when it comes to cooking a big feast!  

Here was our menu:

Corn Casserole by Jessica
Macaroni and Cheese by Bridgette
Pumpkin Cheesecake by Bridgette

The food was great.  The company was better!

I wound up not taking photos.  Again, old and out of shape influenced this, I guess.  I did happen to get a shot of the Mamas preparing plates for the little grands.
Those little grands sat patiently.
Well, for the most part, they sat patiently.  There was one little who had to sneek a roll out of the basket.
He was pretty cute about it, though.
Somebody else was pretty patient, too.  He just sniffed around and hoped one of the grands (or a grown-up) would drop a crumb or two.

We ate hearty and visited with one another and had a nice Thanksgiving feast.  One bunch stayed for a while but the other crew had to trek off to their next stop of feasting.