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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Little Gardinger

Harris has a garden.  (I think Bryan and Jessica help him out a little bit with it.)  Jessica sent these photos showing growth progress three or four weeks ago:

Then, when we went over for a visit, we saw the progress of the garden first-hand.

The first thing I noticed was one of my favorites - the squash!
The lettuce and herbs were beautiful - and tasty!  (We took a bag home for salad the next day.)
From every angle it looked green and lush.
Harris was really proud of it and had to show it off to us.  He told me that he uses "garding" tools like a rake to get the weeds out and showed me his technique.
"Look at this," he said.
"Those are 'matoes!"
Bryan and Jessica fenced it off to protect it from deer, rabbits, Hope (the puppy), and wild tractor drivers.
I never could get a shot of the tractor driver that wasn't a blur like that because he zips around at blur speed!
The garding and new fence, though, posed beautifully for my cell phone photos!  Harris is a pretty good 'gardinger' if you ask me.  (His parents are pretty good helpers, too, I think!)