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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Break!

As of last Friday I have been enjoying my summer break from school!  The weather has done its best to show me that it is indeed summer, too.  It has been HOT!

For the past few days I have been serving as Mike's farm hand.  It isn't such a bad job.  The hardest part is reading his mind and his directions.  He will be on the tractor and use hand motions to indicate what he wants me to do and where he wants me to drive my rig for hay hauling.  I'm very close to being a failure at reading those hand motions!  Here is my rig:
I drive the truck.  It isn't so bad, indoor, air conditioned.  Of course, the window has to be down so that I can hear Mike if he shouts out something so I can watch his hand motions.  So, there is a bit of bugs flying in along with the dribbles of hay when he plops that bale into the bed of the truck.  Plus, with the window down, a couple of days have been sweaty ones even with that air conditioning blowing in the truck.  Most loads look like the one above.  Sometimes, though, there would be two more bales added to the trailer.  The tricky part is turning through the gates and not snagging a post with either the truck or the trailer.

So-far-so-good!  As of lunch time yesterday, we have 90 bales stored in his barn.  (All posts and fences are still standing untouched, too!)