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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Days for the Grands - Lydia's

Last week we enjoyed a few Days of Lydia.  You see, since the first summer of having grandchildren, I have enjoyed spending a few days with them spending the night here.  I like to have them one at a time.  That seems to work best to waylay arguments and to allow each one to get some personal attention.  Of course, some of the grands have not had Days...yet.  Well, not Days here.  A couple of summers ago I went to Harris's house to have Days with him because he was just a bit too little to spend time away from his parents - he thought.  At any rate, Lillie and Lydia have enjoyed Days with us each summer, I think.  Last week Lydia came for her Days.

Now, Days are not anything extraordinary of fancy.  We don't usually have carnivals or big deals when they are here for their Days.  Mainly, it is just a time for them to be away from siblings and parents and have free run of things.  We watch TV, we do craft projects, we try to squeeze in a little fun.

Last week, when Lydia was here, she enjoyed lots of TV time.  We tried out a couple of crafts - shrink-art was a bust but card stamping was a hit.  The most fun thing we did, though, was spend a little time at the pool.
The local recreation center, of which I have a membership, has a wonderful pool for children.  There is one area where it slopes down from a little splash pad of sorts toward four foot deep water.  It is perfect for little folks and old folks alike.  We can venture in at any depth we choose.

Of course, for most of the time that we were at the pool, this was the vision I had:
It was brought to my attention that, really, the only way the pool visit could have been a better experience was if she had a snarfle or at least a pair of goggles.
Days for the Grands are really special times and we enjoy them to the fullest.  We are already looking forward to Lydia's next time!