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Thursday, October 20, 2016


The other day I may have mentioned that my daughter, Bridgette, has been creative.  She has been upcycling.
Recently she got herself a saws-all and began taking pallets apart.  Then, she puts them back together and adds some of her creative talent.  The one above is now hanging outside on the porch of her craft cabin.
She used a similar technique to create this one.  I think it must be for a customer.  Simple reuse of rough lumber to create something cute, trendy, crafty, and beautiful.
Then, there is this one that she made for her dining room wall.
Some rough boards, a little paint, and a lot creativity.  Here is where it now hangs:
Look closely, there are a couple of smalls hanging to the right as well.
I just love the scrap projects almost as much as the large featured ones.  Aren't these adorable.
This cute Grocery sign is in the kitchen.  Lillie seems to think she is developing a look there.
It went on this wall with some vintage utensils and a stitchery piece created by my grandmother.  I think it is a really cute collection.  Lillie told Bridgette that she thought it looked a bit like Cracker Barrel.  Hmmm...
There's also this collection.  I think it was created for a gift.  Even though my walls are already pretty filled, I wish I had been on the receiving end don't you?
This one is crafted using a similar technique.  I think I really love it, too!  I told her that she might be developing an addiction or a problem of some kind with all this upcycling, recycling, and creativity.  Maybe she can continue to feed her crafty habit as people order from her via Goody Stuff.