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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Visit from the Grandsons

We always love visits with the grandchildren.  They add smiles to our lives and remind us of the wonders of the world around us.  They show us how to explore and enjoy the simple things.

Stephen and Bonnie brought Levi and Easton by on Mike's birthday to visit with him.  Those boys are just adorable and brightened up our day!
Levi is such a busy little fellow and had to run and climb and check things out around him.
It seems like they all like the chaise lounge on the back porch for some reason.  I don't know if it is because there is plenty of room for climbing or if it is because they like the size of it for stretching out.  Levi had to climb up on it several times and just sit and check it out.
Then, he was off again and running and playing and checking other things out as little boys are wont to do.
Easton is just before taking off as a crawler.  He leans out and will even get up on his knees and rock some but hasn't quite gotten it all together to be that mobile independent crawler...just yet.
I can't help myself.  I just want to kiss on his sweet little cheeks and hug him and snuggle him up close.  He doesn't have a lot of time for that, though.  He is ready to get down and go.
He is experimenting with standing and gets so excited about it.
When he has a helping hand, he will pull up on those little rolly polly legs.
He looks around to make sure somebody else is watching and smiles with pride that he is up and ready to go.
Then, he has to do a little bouncy dancing jig.
Meanwhile, this one is running round as fast as he can.
Climbing into and out of things to check out every aspect.
Up and down and all around just to see what he can do all by himself.
He must realize that little brother isn't far behind!
Then, the parents say it is time to load up and head up the hill toward home.
Everybody gets settled onto the ORV and instructions are given to say goodbye.
One sweet little fellow blows us a kiss and the visiting time is short but sweet and leaves smiles to linger on the grandparents' faces lingering for quite some time beyond the afternoon visit.