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Monday, October 10, 2016

Harris had a birthday party!

Last weekend we celebrated Harris turning three years old.
His love of trains and the mystique of their riding by on the tracks served as the decorating theme with Thomas the train.

Food and snacks were plentiful with stacks of pizza, piles of chips, and a train-load of fruits pulled by Thomas around the track.
The cousins joined in for the fun.

There was cake and the little man was the first to taste it.
Then, there were candles to blow out and singing.

Everybody needed to taste the chocolate cake and eat a bit of ice cream.

Then, of course, there were presents to investigate.
A pile of presents!
Digging in and investigating is something that Harris is really good at, too!

He seems to enjoy and appreciate each and every one, too.

It's always great to celebrate a birthday and little fellows certainly enjoy those times most.

They seemed to jump, ride, swing, interact, play, and enjoy things to the fullest.

A fun time seemed to be enjoyed by all and I think this fellow probably will remember number three as a special one, for sure!

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