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Friday, July 21, 2017

Sharing the Fun

I love it when the grandchildren interact, share, and just generally have childhood fun.  When Lydia was here for her Days, we went up to visit Levi and Easton (and their parents as well).

Levi invited Lydia to join him in a bit of jumping on the trampoline.  He sat and watched her and enjoyed the bouncing for a bit...

Then, he decided to join her in the fun.  He was soon up and hopping around like a jumping bean and I'll just tell you, folks, I could not keep up!  I only had my cell phone to capture photos but I didn't get a single one that wasn't just a blur!

This little one thought he wanted to join the fun on the trampoline.

He didn't get far from the entry point of the safety net before he decided that jumping with those bigger kiddos was not for him, though!

They also did a little climbing together.

Levi really liked it when Lydia climbed up on top and dropped down inside the geodesic climbing dome.

While he thought it looked fun, he wasn't quite ready to climb to the top and drop down inside.  However, he did figure out how to get over into it and then back out.  (Little mother hen had to hover just in case he got stuck and needed a little help!)

The chatter and giggles they shared left a smile on all of our faces!