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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Days

I have really enjoyed the lazy days of summer.  Here in our family the term Summer Days also has a different connotation.

You see, since the eldest granddaughter was a wee mite, she has shared a few days with GrandB in the summertime.  They have come to be known as Days with a capital D.

Summer Days mean that the grandchild visits all alone and gets all the attention.  Who wouldn't love that?  This summer the only two who took advantage of that opportunity were Lillie and Lydia, the elder of the grands.

The other grandchildren just seemed to need to be closer to their mothers.  Or, maybe it was GrandB who knew she didn't want to be dealing with a younger grand crying for mother at bedtime!

We try to do a few fun things while the grands are here for their Days.  Both of them got trips to the local pool.  I am lucky enough to have a friend with a daughter near to the age of these two granddaughters.  She met us at the local pool and the girls seemed to have a good time splashing together.

Most of the time, my view was this one - looking out on a blue pool of water at a ponytail or splashing girl swimming along and enjoying the water.  On a late afternoon visit to the pool with Lillie, she spent most of the time just swimming round with her goggles on investigating and practicing her swimming skills.  There were clouds brewing on the horizon, though.

She had an hour or two on that Day of swimming and splashing and investigating with her goggles.

Then, we had to make a mad dash for the truck!

We barely made it before the bottom dropped out of those dark clouds that made a quick approach on the horizon!

Lydia enjoyed her goggles as she swam, swirled, and turned flips underwater.  She also liked jumping and splashing.

Among other things we took time for in the Days they were here were dinner out, stirring up and cooking a favorite meal or treat, riding with Mike in the ATV, gardening, and just chilling in front of a screen or a book with no siblings or parents to bother them.  The tween ages are some of my favorites because the things they enjoy are simple and easy.

Both girls seemed to be wearing smiles the whole time they were here.  So, I think they enjoyed the visit almost as much as Mike and I.

We just wish we had more time for Days like this!