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Sunday, July 30, 2017

What to do with all these tomatoes?

I mean, we have them covering the kitchen counter...
...the counter on both sides of the sink.
There are more on the cutting board beside the dishwasher as well.
Beautiful, red, ripe tomatoes.  We have eaten them sliced.  We have eaten them chunked with Chicken Salad or Pimento Cheese.  We have eaten them on burgers, ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches.  We have eaten them as bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches.  We have eaten them with sausage, egg, and cheese on a biscuit.  We have also given a multitude away!  They have been fabulous.  But, the plants keep producing and the fruits have gotten ahead of our consuming.

So, yesterday, we made Salsa!  Yep.  Yummy Salsa.
First, I had a great volunteer to help me peel and dice tomatoes.  Then, I prepped the mixture and filled the  jars and processed them in a boiling water bath.  There were nine pints of salsa when we finished.  (Hop over to my recipe blog for info on how we made the salsa.)
Well, there was also a small sample bowl of salsa as well.  I thought it turned out yummy.
 My volunteer tomato peeler and dicer must have thought it turned out pretty well, too!
Now, what are we going to do with the other half of the ripened tomatoes?

Today is spaghetti sauce day!