If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Boy does the outside of our place look good!  As a relative once said, It ought to, though, we worked hard enough at it. 

We got up for an early breakfast cooked by the best breakfast cook ever - my husband!  Then we were outside to work in the garden.  Mike put cages around the tomatoes to give them something to climb up and lean upon as they mature.  I finished newspaper and straw mulching them.  Mike drove the tractor and tiller down between them and along the outside of them to chop up any wayward weeds and loosen the soil for their roots.  Then, I watered them in really good.  Somehow it seemed so much easier to do that mulching today when I had a companion worker out there with me. 

After we returned our tools to the barn, I got on the lawn mower and began cutting the grass.  We decided that short and crunchy looked better than long, shaggy, and crunchy.  Gosh, we need rain!  While I was cutting the grass and getting covered with dust, Mike picked up limbs that I had whacked off earlier in the week and had no strength left to pick up.  Then, he got the weed-eater and shaped things up. 

Now, the outside looks great but as I sit here, I see windows with grimy little fingerprints from doorknob level down.  There are almost as many grass cuttings here in the kitchen as there are out on the back lawn.  Even if the floors were swept, a good mopping is needed.  I'll bet you could write your name in the dust on the furniture, too.  Guess tomorrow will be an indoor day!