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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heat Resistant

Ever since I went to my first Pampered Chef party I have been hooked.  I love their product line.  There are so many cooking tools that I just NEED!  Well, at least I THINK I need them even though I've been getting by without them for a while, I still think I need them to make my food and my life a little better.  Why is it that when we see something we LIKE, we think we NEED it?

Anyway, I've been thinking I NEED a silicone whisk to make gravies and sauces and not harm my expensive skillets.  So, when I was at the craft/hobby store yesterday, I noticed this whisk that was on sale.  I have seen these before at different places and wondered if it would work like the more expensive brand name one. 

I only saw this one BLUE whisk on all the clearance aisles. 

So, I snatched it up and clutched it like a treasure as I wandered through the store to get the crafting supplies I had actually gone to pick up.  I think it is a hideous color blue - yes, even I am not loving some shades of blue - especially when it comes to relationships with my food.  However, it had been marked down to less than a dollar-fifty!  It was a deal!  A bargain! 

When I got home and took the tag off of it, I noticed that it said this:

This wonderful silicone whisk is perfect for all surfaces.  The whisk features a very comfortable, safe-grip handle.  Heat resistant up to 450 degrees F.  Dishwasher safe (Top rack).

Now, I wanted the whisk because it would be perfect for my non-stick surfaces and it will also be fine for swirling round in my pottery, glass, or plastic mixing bowls.  The handle seams to be comfortable and smooth.  I will be using it in a hot skillet to make gravies and sauces; so, the heat resistance is important.  Who doesn't want something that they can put in the dishwasher to clean?  But, what concerns me is the parenthesis part.  Does that mean my dishwasher gets as hot as my oven?  So, if my oven goes out, could unhook the water and bake biscuits in there?  On the bottom rack, of course!