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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain, Glorious Rain!

We finally got a rain yesterday!  Yippee!!!

My camera was in the truck when the bottom dropped out.
If you look closely, you can see some nickel-sized hail, too.

I had already decided this was going to be a 'down' day for me.  You see, I was exhausted from working in in the garden off and on all day on Tuesday.  So, after I sent the hard-working hubby off to work, I crawled back between the sheets for a little snooze.  Then, my friend, Angela, called and roused me out of bed by telling me she was going to come just to hang out.  So, we shared a lunch of left-over steak and biscuits and began browsing some decorating blogs because Angela sometimes works with a friend who stages homes and is considering starting her own blog.  While we were surfing and borrowing ideas, the storm blew in.  We barely got inside before the hail began to bounce around on the deck.

Again, my phone picture isn't quite as good as my regular camera
but I think you can see all the little pebbles there.

Then, this morning the lingering effects were still around.  I almost missed capturing that foggy, misty curtain this morning while I was searching for my camera.  But here are a few shots to share.

Here is the view looking off our back deck back toward the top of the hill.
(See the new fence posts ready for the wire?)

See the two little diamonds dangling like earrings from the bracket on the dinner bell?

This leaf on the back of the chair also has a little diamond droplet.
(Sadly it is also draped with multiple strands of a spider web.)

Even the spider webs on the fence nearby look like jewelry as the mist drifts away in the morning sunshine.

Here is how much gathered in the bottom of the tub on the deck. 
I don't know how much it would measure but I'd guess more than an inch!
We tried to get Mike's new rain gauge set up before the downpour but some part of it is defective and we are awaiting a new one being sent from the company.

Isn't this a restful, pastoral view off my front porch?

Who would ever think we are only scant minutes from a metropolitan area?  The grass looks brighter.  The trees look perkier.  The garden won't need me to water it.  I'm so glad it rained!