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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sometimes the grandchildren leave me with a priceless memory and today I was lucky enough to have one of those.  Sadly, I didn't get a photo of it because who would have thought?

Lydia spent the night with us last night.  Now, I am one who thinks the evening routine for the grandchildren should be somewhat like that at their own home with only a few grandparent modifications.  Mike thinks we should throw caution to the wind and spoil them absolutely rotten.  So, I guess we hit a compromise last night. 

At bedtime Lydia was sort of missing her Mama.  So, Grand B took her, Mickey and Minnie stuffed toys, the Minnie sleeping pillow, a Llama, Llama book and climbed into bed with the precious little thing.  When the book was over, I asked her if she wanted me to sleep there with her or go to my own bed.  She said she wanted me to sleep with her.  So, that I did - until about four-thirty this morning.  (When I crawled in bed beside Mike, he immediately told me he thought I should go back in there with her in case she awakened and got scared!)

I got up with Mike and stirred him up a ham and egg sandwich for the road - we both overslept a bit.  Then, I crawled back into bed for a nap.  I got up when I was sure that I heard stirring in the other bedroom and strolled across the den to check in.  When I got to the door, this was the scene which greeted me:

Lydia was smack in the middle of the bed.  She was flat on her back, one leg bent with her foot flat on the mattress and the other foot resting on that knee.  The Llama, Llama book was open and resting against the knees.  Minnie was on one side and Mickey was on the other.  There was a baseball-sized pile of foil and tabs from Hershey's Kisses on the other side of Mickey. 

When I entered the room, I asked, "What is going on in here?"  To which Miss Lydia replied, "I reading to Mickey and Minnie."  Then my next question, "Who ate all that chocolate?"  Without missing a beat, her response was, "Mickey and Minnie," spoken through chocolate coated lips. 

I love that girl!