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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Mike's got eggs!
A few months ago Mike took on a new project.  Then, for Christmas, Stephen and Bonnie gave him more chickens.  So, now we have eggs!  LOTS of eggs! 

He is getting almost two dozen per day!  Here are some of the ones he gathered this week:

We were doing fairly well at keeping up with them.  Stephanie, a friend from work, has been buying a couple dozen each week.  We have given some away to family members.  I have made deviled eggs to take to holiday gatherings.  We shared some as Christmas gifts.  We have eaten eggs fried and scrambled for breakfast.  We boiled eggs for lunch bags.  We have enjoyed omlets for dinner.  All of a sudden, though, our fridge is almost over-run with eggs!

Today's gathering

Does anybody want some farm-fresh eggs?  They are tasty - any way you prepare them!

And there will be more tomorrow...