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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sick of being sick

I've been feeling poorly most of this new year.  I started out with sinus and ear infections and went to the walk-in clinic on the second where I was prescribed some medicine with a BAD TASTE.  I have been spoiled by the quick response of antibiotics to make me feel better when I'm feeling yucky.  So, when the antibiotics didn't work within a couple of days to make me feel almost well, I was frustrated.  Then, when I started feeling even worse and struggling just to breathe, I had Mike take me to the ER.

Here is just a suggestion - do not go to the ER when you are in your fifties, fat, and say that you are having a hard time breathing and you feel like your chest won't expand enough for you to inhale.  Especially don't do that after you have told them that you take blood pressure meds to control your high blood pressure.  Immediately, they think you are having a heart attack and go into EKGs and heart monitors and heart enzymes.  Here I was thinking I might have developed asthma and was having an asthma attack and they were hooking me up to heart monitors!

Finally, after at least four hours (no I am not exaggerating one single bit), I was given a couple of breathing treatments, a steroid shot, and a new prescription and released.  Mike and I got home and climbed into bed - well, actually he flopped in his recliner and I propped up on the couch so I could breathe better - at around two or two-thirty in the morning.

For the first couple of days last week I thought, I'll just take a half-day off in the morning and will feel enough better that I can work in the afternoon.  By the end of the day on Wednesday (and after a visit to my regular family practitioner), I just threw in the towel and took the rest of the week off.  It was a good thing because I spent Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday in bed - ALL DAY LONG!  Saturday found me able to go to the nearby Dollar General for much needed staples.  I decided on Sunday that I would return to work on Monday or drop dead trying.

Each day finds me feeling a bit better now, but truly, I have never been so sick of being sick!