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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pondering a TV

Mike has been wanting a TV in the kitchen for almost a year now.  I have grown to agree that it would be a nice thing to have - a luxury we could enjoy. 

First we had the dilemma of where would be the best place to put it.  Well, the best place to put it would not really make it easy to watch when we are spending time in there!  Mike, of course, had a strong idea of where he wants it before he even brought up the subject with me.  So, the location is already decided.  Plus, he already has in mind who he wants to install the whole shebang!

I am going to have to move around some of my decorative plates.  I've also pondered the idea of where the box which brings the satellite programming in should go.  I think Mike wants to have it installed and look sort of like one in a hospital room looks.  You know with that big black metal arm/bracket/pedestal thingy?  He is very utilitarian but that is not really the look I want in my kitchen. 

So, I have been doing some investigating and pondering.  Not only do we need to deal with the box which brings the programming in from the satellite, we will also have to deal with the mounting bracket and the cords.  I don't want a jumble like what I have behind the cabinet where the TV in the den sits.  It looks sort of like this before image from House of Hepworths:

They solved the problem as you can read in their blog. 

So, I have been searching and looking and pinning ideas and tutorials on Pinterest.  The folks over at Gus and Lula have a good tutorial for framing and hiding their TV above the mantel.  I don't really want to disguise mine - just make it look finished and tidy.  I also noticed what they did over at The Harpster Home and thought that looked promising.  High Definition Framing has a simplistic idea for framing the TV.  I think I like the polished and finished look of how Full of Great Ideas framed their TV.  All of these still leave me with the need for a place to store the satellite box, though. 

Basically, the TV will go where that blue box is drawn near the window.  So, I guess I could put the box atop the china cabinet. 

I've also been looking into something that has been advertised on TV pretty heavily lately.  It is offered by Direct TV and is a box which will allow users to DVR up to five programs at a time.  Of course that is something we would rarely need since we don't watch that much TV.  The new and shiny box is called a Genie and with other TVs in the house, users could simply add a Mini Genie to have the same capabilities as the main TV.  After calling the Direct TV folks, I learned that the Mini Genie is about the same size as a paperback book.  I like that idea.  Maybe it won't be so hard to locate the control box after all...

Does anybody have ideas or suggestions for my dilemma? 

Plus, what is the deal with Blogger lately?  I cannot resize my photos!