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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In the Kitchen

I love working in my kitchen most of the time.  I mean, I enjoy cooking and baking.  Sometimes I use these tasks as therapy.  There is just something about creating something delicious and tasty from a conglomeration of other things that might not be delicious and tasty all on their own.  One of the features in my kitchen that makes such tasks go well is the big, deep, black sink.  Oh, I know that those apron-front, farmhouse-style sinks are all the rage, and I might really like to have one.  But, I'm really pleased and satisfied with the deep black sink I have.  I mean, dirt and stains don't show - not that any sink of mine would have dirt or stains in it anyway.  Because it is deep, it will hold a lot of pots and pans and cooking utensils and I can pile them up in there while I'm cooking and leave the counter space free for other uses - not that I would pile things up.  I mean I do clean as I go because that is considered the most efficient way.  That deep sink will allow lots of clean pots and pans to set and drain during the dish cleaning process.  I mean, God and I work together on kitchen cleaning.  I wash and He dries and I put away.  I love the squirty thing at the right of the faucet because all of the splatters from spatulas or spoons that have bits of gunk on them can simply be rinsed away with a simple little squirt.  Not that I would flop a spatula and cause a splatter or drop a spoon with gunk and cause a splatter.  No.  Not me.

A couple of months ago, though, something went awry.  After years of functioning and squirting and cleaning, the squirty thing just stopped squirting.  I've lived with it for a while trying to convince myself that I don't really use that squirty thing all that often because I rarely splatter or pile things in the sink.  And as for soap suds after washing up pots and pans, a quick swish with a palm cupped full of water is enough to rinse the sink.  Then, it occurred to me...I'll bet they sell just the squirty thing at the home improvement store and it can be replaced without the expense or trouble of changing out the entire faucet.  So, I suggested that the hubby ask the local handyman to come by and repair/replace the squirty thing at the kitchen sink.  And, while he was at it, would he also repair the one at the kitchen sink in the basement to make rinsing out the coolers and the canners easier.  I think that while-he-was-at-it part is what sold the suggestion, by the way.

So, yesterday the local handyman came by and began working on the kitchen sink squirty thing.  He discovered that there was really nothing wrong with the squirty thing.  The problem was lime deposits in the kitchen faucet itself.  So, instead of replacing the inexpensive little squirty thing, the entire faucet wound up getting replaced.

I was sent to the home-improvement store to get a faucet.  I went, "so I could pick out the kind I want."  Do you have any idea how many different styles of faucets and squirty things there are at the home-improvement store?  Do you have any idea of the price range of all those faucets and squirty things at the home-improvement store?  I mean, isn't it just a decorative sort of pipe that delivers water?  Why does it have to be so complicated?

Finally, I emerged from the store with a couple of faucets and squirty things in tow.  The hubby called the handyman to let him know I had returned with the needed supplies.  In no time, the handyman had installed the beautiful specimen of a faucet and squirty thing and went along his way to improve someone else's life.

I do love my new faucet.  I think she is a beaut!  I love her matte brushed stainless finish that resists spots.  I love the way she stands tall and proud reigning over the sink.

I love the stylish handle that responds to a light touch.  I love her curved neck and pouty little spout.  I love the matching squirty thing and how it is molded to fit right in my paw.
Doesn't she look regal and fancy?

I don't want you to think I pamper her or anything.  I don't want to lead you into believing that she and her squirty thing partner have changed anything around here.  After all, this is a working kitchen and we do use it to prep real country meals.  This is the way she will look most of the time...

She will be reigning over the drying dish cloth throughout the day and the skillet I washed and God is drying and the vegetable scrub brush with the broken handle and the plastic cup for filling dog bowls or watering flowers.

She will stand there tall and proud surrounded by empty canning jars and smudgy glasses and cups and the hubby's popcorn bowl.  And her companion squirty thing will be standing there soldier-ready to rinse away soap suds and splatters and grit.

Just keeping it real, ya'll!