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Saturday, February 13, 2016

What you call it matters...

A few months ago, I saw the recipe for 7-Can Soup posted by The Pioneer Woman on her blog. It was a little chilly and I thought it looked like a good comfort-food sort of meal.  Then, I made the mistake of telling Mike what it is called.

Not a good idea.

When he hears that something comes out of a can, he automatically shuts down and thinks it is something that is not "home-cooking."  So, I ate a cup or two of the soup and then froze the rest.  When I thawed it and heated it for dinner in about three weeks, I didn't let on that it was dreaded left-overs.  Instead, I told my sweet hubby that it is called Pioneer-Woman-Soup.  You know what?  He thought it was delicious comfort food that warmed his belly and his heart!

So, today, after I was pooped from working all week and helping to put together a party for my niece.  After I was pooped from having 'the blood pressure' issues for the past month or so.  After I was pooped from being old, fat, and out of shape from sitting at a computer for most of my days and all of a sudden having to do some manual labor.  Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to do much today beyond a load or two of laundry and prepare dinner.  I adapted Ree's recipe, using what I had on hand and it is still delicious!  You can find my instructions here.

Since it is cold...since it is blustery...since it is frigid, today is another day when the hubs and I will enjoy some comfort food.  Today is a day when we will wrap our hands around a cup of warmth.  Today is a day when we will ladle up some delicious home-cooked soup!

Hope you are staying warm and eating something tasty, something home-cooked, something that warms your heart and your belly like The Pioneer Woman Soup!

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