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Saturday, February 13, 2016

It was tough, but somebody had to do it.

Earlier this week I took a little time in the afternoon of a snow day and drove up the hill for a visit with our newest  grandson, Easton.
It was a tough job, but SOMEBODY had to do it.
You know, take him and his family a little welcome gift.  Sit down and hold the little fuzzy headed mite.
Do a little rocking.  Snuggle up to that sweet baby smell.
Listen to those little grunts and squeeks a new baby makes.  It was a tough job but I just bit the bullet and sacrificed myself and did it.
It was nice to have time to visit with his sweet Mama and see how she is recouperating day-by-day.
See that she is enjoying those sweet moments when he is still and quiet and she can just stare in wonder.
It was beautiful to watch Easton's big brother, Levi.
It was sweet to see Levi's attention to his baby brother...
...and how he is being taught to be gentle with his little brother.
It was nice to visit with Easton's maternal grandma and chat about how wonderful our grandchildren are and share that special bond of love.
I checked him out from head to toe and he passed inspection to be the sweetest, most wonderful little fellow.

Then, I headed back down the hill to our house knowing that all was well.

I sent a sweet little photo of him to our daughter and daughter-in-law just to let them know that I had forced myself to do the chore of going up the hill and visiting and giving the new baby a little squeeze and got back messages saying things like, "Aw! No Fair!"

But, you know, SOMEBODY just had to do it.  When I saw Bridgette and Jessica the other day, they gave me a gift for Easton Levi and Valentine's for them...

...so, I may have to force myself to go back up the hill for a visit.
Well, SOMEBODY's got to do it!