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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Grass cutting time!

Two Saturday's in a row we have cut grass over at my Mom's.  It is amazing at the difference just a week makes!
Last week we were wearing a sweatshirts with the hood pulled close around our face and tied under the chin so that we could stay warm.
Today, we ere wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and got a bit sunburned and sweaty.
Much as I hate getting that grass all over me, I do really like cutting grass.
There is some instant gratification to it.  You can see instant results for the effort you are expending.
My body always feels exhausted from all the jostling round on the mower and hours of driving the mower.
I think Mike and I started at around ten o'clock this morning and both of us mowed steadily until around one o'clock or so.
Then, we filled the sprayer with grass and weed killer and got on the ATV and rode the fields to spray around any big rocks that were sticking up and might be a problem when Mike goes over to bush hog or cut hay.
I think we wrapped up the spraying at around four o'clock or so.
Then, we headed on down the road toward home!